From 1992 to 2002
Nikouline Circus, Moscow, Russia.
Work and creation of The Frog character by Valentin GNEOUCHEV.
From 1985 to 1992 Circus Schools , Lougansk, Ukraine.


Parc Alexis Gruss, France
Chrismas Circus Karlsruhe, Germany
Tour circus in Israel
Rastelli Circus on Ice, Italy
Nikouline Circus, Moscow, Russia
Chrismas Circus Heilbronn (Germany)


Le Cirque with the Top World's Perfomers, Italia
"Rockin Hohner Roncalli Show »,Germany (2008 to 2012)
“ Roncalli mit Classic”, Germany
Circus des Horrors, Germany
Circus Grand Phenix, France
Phenix Junior Circus, France
Aquatic Circus, “Crescendo”, France


French Cancan Solist, “The Merry Widow”, Offenbach, Opera Comique, Paris, Vichy


2020: "Boyard Land", M6, France

2019: RTL, Das Supertalent, Germany
2017: Witty TV, "Tu Si Que Vales", Italy
2016 :Nippon Television Network, Tokyo
2013 : Das Ertste, Sendung mit der Maus, Koln, Germany
2012: "Minuta Slavi", Moscow, Russia
2012 : MDR, "Inka Bause Live", Sonnenberg, Allemagne.
2012 : Telecinco "Todo el mundo e bueno", invité special, Madrid, Espagne.
2012: RTL,"Das Supertalent", audition, 1/2 finale et finale
2011: France 3 "Incroyables Experiences"
2011: M6, "La France a un Incroyable Talent", casting, 1/2 final and final
2010: BBC London "The Slammer"
2008: “Les Soirées de L’étrange”, with the “180°” act, Paris, France.
2007 : First Comic TV Show, Beijing,China.
2006-2007 : TF1, France 2, France 3, M6: The TV news with the “180°” act, Paris, France.
2004:  Paris Première, “Bienvenue au Cabaret Sauvage”, Paris.
2004:  “Festival Daigodei”, Tokyo, Japan.


Gans Ganz Anders, Dinner Show, Germany

Tigerpalast Variete, Germany
Da Capo Variety, Germany
Pegasus Variete, Germany
Le Zèbre de Belleville, France


2013 Festival Olala, Lienz, Austria
2013 Circus Festival Ijhevsk, Russia
2010 "European Circus festival", Liège, Gold star (first place) and Originality Award.
2009 « Les K’d’or du Cabaret », Saintes , France.
2009 « Festival de Cirque des Mureaux », Originality Award, France.
2008 International Circus Festival, Enschede, Holland.
2008 International Circus Festival, Bronz medal and Artistic Award, St Paul-lès-Dax, France.
2004 Commercial Festival, Dubai and Taiwan.
2004 International Music-Hall Festival, “Les Feux de la Rampe”, Crosnes, France.
2002 International Circus Festival, Show and Artistic Awards, Liege, Belgium.
2000-2001 « Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain », Bronz Medal, Cirque d’hiver, Paris