When I was 18 years old, I went to Moscow to the famous Nikouline Circus, where I was admitted to continue my training. I was directed for 9 years byValentin Gneouchev, the famous director who created my character: the Frog.

In 2000, I set my act myself, and I asked to the Nikouline Circus to make the giant hat especially for The Frog. In 2001, I took part in the ‘Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain’, I got the bronze medal. In 2008 I get the bronz Medal in the "Circus Festival of Saint-Pau-Les-Dax" (France). In 2011, I get the Gold Medal in the "European Circus Festival "of Lièges (Belgium).

 Since then, this act has continued to be developed theatrically, choreographically and technically. 

The Frog is an act which is unforgettable, original, funny and strong. All the audience enjoy it. It is a real pleasure for me to show it.